Proficiency Testing Tunisia PTTn has a conducted proficiency testing training services on behalf of global and regional accreditation bodies (ILAC,) to laboratory accreditation bodies and to laboratories throughout Tunisia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The training programs are delivered by qualified staff with extensive experience in proficiency testing. Their enthusiasm will encourage and reward participants ensuring that training is an enjoyable and valuable experience. Course content is periodically reviewed and assessed for technical rigour, ensuring that we teach using only up to date and best practice methods and materials. Typically, our courses involve a mix of tuition styles involving class notes, PowerPoint presentations and flipcharts together with group discussions, team exercises, case studies and at times hands-on participation. The course timing can be arranged to suit your requirements.
Proficiency Testing Tunisia PTTn may conduct in-house courses for your organisation. The course may be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation (i.e. calibration and/or testing programs) or we can develop specific training programs based on your requirements. If your organisation wants to train a number of people, we can develop a strategy for completing this training in the most cost effective manner.
Alternatively we can arrange attachment training over a longer term to spend time with PTTn staff conducting current programs. This gives exposure to means of communication and use of software packages for program data analysis and report writing. The advantages of in house training are:

  • Training 5 or more people in house can be more cost effective than sending them to our office on a public training course.
  • The training can be tailored to the needs of the organisation and its management systems rather than hypothetical examples, enabling participants to relate the information to their workplace easily.
  • The course timing can be arranged to suit your requirements
  • For organisations located outside the metropolitan area it is much more cost effective for a trainer to travel to your site than several people travelling to and being accommodated for at a public course

For further information on Proficiency Testing Tunisia training services and costs contact: PTTn General Manager email,

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